Sharpen Focus, Activate Muscles and Improve Performance with Ripl, a New Wearable Brain Training System

Music is a powerful tool that helps get your mind body ready to play.

Ripl is revolutionizing music and other forms of content by adding low frequency tuning forks embedded as bass notes. When the low frequencies in Ripl Music are played through our Ripl Headphones, you feel the vibrations on your spine. The result, a brain training system like nothing you've experienced before.

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Ripl Music Playlists

To experience the powerful benefits of music you can hear and feel, hit play on any of the Ripl Music tracks below. Feeling stressed? Try Relaxing Vibes. Feeling sluggish? Try Uplifting Vibes. Heading to the pool? Try Training Vibes. The hum you hear and feel through Ripl are low frequency tuning forks.​