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  • What is the Ripl One wireless module?
    The Ripl One wireless module is a patented tactile stimulation device that connects to your mobile device. When music or other sounds are played through it, low frequencies are converted into vibrations and delivered to your spine. The module has: a headphone jack that allows you to use with our cable or earphones, volume controls so you can adjust vibration output intensity, a battery compartment (Ripl One uses 3x AAA batteries) and a power light.
  • Can I play my own music, games or movies through Ripl One?"
    Yes! Similar to other headphones, you can use Ripl Headphones or the Ripl Loop to play your own music, games and movies. The difference is now you will be able to feel the bass pulsating up your spine.
  • How do I use Ripl?
    Using Ripl is easy: Insert the AAA batteries into the charger and charge until the lights are green Place 3x of the AAA batteries into the Ripl One module Push and hold the power button for 2 seconds and listen for 'Pairing' Pair the Ripl One module to your mobile device as 'Ripl' Insert either the short connecting cable (Headphones) or earphones (Loop) into the headphone jack (if Headphones, also insert the other end into the headphones) Open the Ripl Music app (or other source) and hit play on a track Turn up the volume on your mobile device to high so you can feel the vibration Adjust the volume to your ears with the sliding volume control
  • What existing headphones can be used with the Ripl One HAK?
    The Ripl One HAK can be attached directly to several existing over ear headphones. If your wired over ear headphones are not listed below, then you may need to purchase the Ripl One Loop. Please feel free to contact us directly to ask if the HAK can be used with your current headphones. Beats Pro Monster (several models) AIAIAI (several models) 1 More SMS Audio


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