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What is Ripl One?

Ripl One is the first wireless vibration module, or subwoofer, that attaches to headphones and converts low frequencies, or bass, into spine-tingling sensations you can feel.

How do I use the Ripl system?

Ripl is easy to use: 1. Charge the batteries until the charger lights turn green. 2. If you purchased the headphones, plug in the short connecting cable from the Ripl One Sub to the port in the headphones. If you purchased the Loop, plug in the earphones. 3. Once charged, place the batteries into the Sub and pair it to your smartphone. 4. When using for the first time, turn up the volume on your phone to max to feel the bass in the Sub. 5. Hit play on Ripl Music or any other type of music and enjoy the benefits of soothing vibrations. 6. Adjust the volume to your ears with sliding volume control in the connecting cable.

Can I play my own music, videos or games with Ripl One?

Yes! Ripl One works just like other wireless headphones. Hit play on any form of digital media and feel the vibrations.

What headphones work with the Ripl One Loop?

The Ripl One Loop is a headband that comes with shortened in-earphones. You can also use any wired headphones, earphones or headset that has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

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