Our Co-Founder, Dr. Steven Moe, is a Chiropractor in Minnesota. His practice, Accelerated Performance Clinic, sees and treats patients suffering from a variety of balance, neck pain, back pain, concussion and performance issues.   

In the 1990s, while searching for methods to relax his patients and improve their balance, he started making music with recordings of tuning forks at different frequencies. His neuromuscular activation protocol involved having his patients listen to these recordings while they stood on a whole body vibration plate. This form of bimodal brain stimulation helped his patients improve balance, as well as reduce pain and improve performance.

In 2012, I met Dr. Moe and we discussed the benefits and outcomes of using his neuromuscular protocol, plus the one big drawback - that he didn't have anything his patients could take home with them that delivered this combined therapy of hearing and feeling low frequency sounds. That was the a-ha moment and the reason to start Ripl. My experience in medical devices, including neurostimulation and regenerative biologics, helped me understand the need for people to have such an easy to use solution they could use throughout the day.

First we decided to pursue a solution in animal health. After spending time with veterinary professionals and dog owners to better understand their needs, we focused on developing and clinically testing a wearable sound therapy solution to help dogs, and owners, dealing with anxiety. After successful study outcomes and feedback from professionals, we licensed the rights to our Calmz Anxiety Relief System to a major pet product manufacturer.

We then turned our focus to humans. In evaluating delivery methods for a wearable sound therapy solution - one that allowed people to hear and feel sound at the same time - we naturally explored options using headphones. We identified an opportunity to attach a tactile stimulation module to headphones and place it on the spine.


Now with multiple patents, proven methods and lots of satisfied users, we are ready to unleash the power of sound to help you live happier and healthier. Ripl is music and meditations, enhanced with low frequency vibrations, delivered through products you already use each day. It's a safe, simple, easy to use combination of proven therapies to help your mind and body be healthy and well.

If you are dealing with anxiety, depression, sleep, pain or performance issues, I invite you to try Ripl. Our users tell us they've seen significant improvements in all these areas. We hope you will as well.


Buddy Snow

Co-Founder, CEO