Music That Feels Better

Ripl Music embeds low frequency tuning forks as bass notes into all genres of music. When the low frequencies are played through Ripl One, you feel the vibrations on your spine as you listen to music through your ears. This safe, all natural, easy to use sound therapy system activates your brain in two ways at once to help you feel and perform better.

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Ripl Music Playlists

To use, just hit play on any of the Ripl Music tracks. We recommend at least one track during warm up, recovery, and at night. The more you use Ripl, the greater the benefits.

Feeling stressed or nervous? Try Relaxing Vibes. Did you have a hard day at practice or work? Try Recovery Vibes. Are you feeling sluggish? Try Uplifting Vibes.


In all the tracks, the hum you hear and feel are low frequency tuning forks.​

Today's Hits, with Added Bass

If you would rather experience the therapeutic benefits of tuning forks in today's hit songs, then try these playlists below and let us know what you think.