Feel the Power of Sound.

Sound is a powerful tool that enhances our health and well-being.

Ripl is revolutionizing sound with SoundWavz - low frequency tuning forks embedded as bass notes into all genres of music. When the low frequencies are played through our Ripl Headphones, it becomes a wearable form of sound therapy as you hear the music in your ears, while you feel the vibrations on your spine.

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Ripl Music Playlists

To experience the powerful benefits of music you can hear and feel, hit play on any of the Ripl Music tracks below. Feeling stressed? Try Relaxing Vibes during the day. Hard day at practice? Try Recovery Vibes to help heal. Sluggish? Try Uplifting Vibes. Are you a golfer? Try Training Vibes and feel the tempos. Or, would you rather turn your own music into a therapeutic track? Then try the mixes below. In all tracks, the hum you hear, and feel through Ripl, are low frequency tuning forks.​

Your Music, with Added Bass

If you would rather enhance your own music with the therapeutic benefits of tuning forks, then try these playlists below and let us know what you think.


Ripl is a technology company on a mission to transform healthcare using the power of sound.


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