A Modern Sound Therapy Solution.

Reduce stress. Feel better.

Sound therapy is a proven method of healing the mind and body. Ripl Health is the first sound, or vibroacoustic, therapy solution that delivers music plus tactile vibrations through evolutionary headphones. When the low frequencies in Ripl Music are played through our Ripl Headphones, you feel the stimulating vibrations on your spine as you listen to the soothing music through your ears.

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Ripl Music Playlists

To experience the powerful benefits of music you can hear plus vibrations you can feel, hit play on any of the Ripl Music tracks below through Ripl Headphones. The hum you hear and feel through Ripl are low frequency tuning forks.​


Feeling stressed? Try Relaxing Vibes.


Feeling sluggish? Try Uplifting Vibes.


Heading to the gym? Try Training Vibes.